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We work by butchering our animals into the items our customers would like to buy. If you call or message us we will add your order to our next beef animal this can mean a wait time of up to a month. We usually sell out quite quickly so its important to pre-order. There is normally frozen meat available at all times and we will try our best to supply you with your chosen products


Rib Joint 

Topside Joint

Slow Roast Joint 

4x 500g Mince 

4x 500g Diced Beef 

Fillet Steak

2x Rump Steaks

2x Sirloin Steaks


2 joints 

2x 500g Mince

2x 500g Diced Beef

2x Steaks 

Individual Prices

Brisket £10 per kg
Silverside £10 per kg
Topside £12.50 per kg
Top Rump £12.50 per kg 
Beef mice £4.50 per 500g
Diced Beef £4.50 per 500g
Sirloin Steak £12.50 per 2x 8oz

Sausages & Pork

Starting this year we are hoping to supply home reared sausages on the campsite from the 15th July. They are brought from a local farm with high welfare standards and reared on the farm to the best standards possible. As the cost of feed has risen and we are maintaining the same high standards we will be charging £3.50 for 6 sausages. Other cuts of pork may be available on a first come first serve basis.

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